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E-commerce:  All you need to know

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If I do not have a domain and I do not know how to register, is Mystra responsible?

Sí, podemos encargarnos de registrar tu dominio .com a tu nombre o crear una cuenta en nic.ar para registrar tu dominio .com.ar a tu nombre.

What does Mystra need to set up my e-commerce?

We usually plan the construction of your e-commerce based on your business idea, your product categories, their hierarchy and your digital assets.

In case of lacking some of these elements, our multidisciplinary team will perform the consultancy to guide you in the planning of your online store, in matters such as integration of means of payment, such as shipping, return methods, discounts, etc.

If I do not have hosting / server, does Mystra provide the service?

Yes, we provide the hosting service analyzing the possible flow of visitors that your new site will have, based on your business plan or your current statistics.

How long will it take for my e-commerce to be ready?

The usual development time of an institutional website is 22 working days from the delivery of the material.
In case of urgency or a deadline, it can be agreed in advance and be evaluated by our technical team to check the feasibility of a shorter delivery time.

I do not have a logo or I want to redesign it, can you do it?

Our team has made dozens of logos for different companies, enterprises and public figures. Therefore, you can quote your logo with us.

Is the site you are building self-managing?


What does it mean for my store to be self-managing?

It means that you will have an intuitive panel to upload new content, modify the existing one and even add sections, items and categories.

Will my e-commerce appear on Google? (SEO)

Yes, in the construction of your site, a structure is included to improve the organic positioning in the search engines (Google, Yahoo !, Bing, etc).

I use or want to start using AdWords. Will my e-commerce be optimized for that function?

Yes, In addition to building websites, we are an Integral Digital Marketing agency, with a Google Partner Badge, which guarantees our expertise in Adwords..

Will my site be perfectly visible on cell phones and tablets?

Yes, all the sites we build include a responsive layout, designed to adapt to all types of screen, from cell phones, through tablets and even Smart TVs.

What are the usual payment methods?

You can pay for your website by bank transfer or deposit, check, cash or Mercado Pago.

Do you issue Invoice "A"?

Yes, we do.

Do you do custom programming?

Yes. Our team and collaborators have systems engineers with vast experience in developments designed for each industry, as well as in the implementation of third party developers.

Statistics on E-commerce in Argentina

90 %

Of consumers consult prices on the web before buying in physical stores

The trade is no longer electronic or face-to-face, neither mobile nor static, it is omnichannel.

83 %

Of users made at least one online purchase in 2016

A number that grows by leaps and bounds.

70,8 %

Sales turnover increased between 2015 and 2016

In the last four years, the percentage rises to 629%.

89 %

Of users highlights the convenience of e-commerce

Cada vez hay más razones para comprar online.

Our E-commerce services

E-commerce on Facebook

We connect your store with the Facebook ad platform dynamically so you can get more sales through advanced remarketing.

Advanced shipments

Implementation of advanced shipments (OCA, Correo Argentino, UPS)

Advanced Payment

Advanced payment implementation, integration with Mercado Pago, Todo Pago, PayU, Pay Pal, and personalized media.

Electronic bill

Implementation of legal electronic invoicing for each sale. Our system will generate an invoice automatically whenever you want.

Mobile E-commerce

Your e-commerce will be perfectly visible on your mobile website or connected to your iOS and / or Android application.

Integration with Mercado Pago

We integrate your store with the Mercado Libre API, so that you publish your products on your site with just a few clicks and in bulk.

Some other solutions we have for your store

Active advertising actions

E-Mail Marketing

We carry out mass and surgical e-mail campaigns. We measure the conversion, create and optimize databases.

Google Adwords

We carry out marketing campaigns on Google search and its display network. We optimize your website to generate conversions.

Facebook Ads

We carry out effective Facebook advertising campaigns aimed at both conversions (sales or queries) as branding.